Wool Coat (similar here), Popover Blouse (similar here), Scarf (similar here), Topshop High Waist Skinny Jeans, Booties, Earrings (similar here and here)

Let’s just get this out of the way: anyone who still thinks you aren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day is a communist. There, I said it. White hues make up one of the prettiest palettes for winter, and offer perfect transitioning into spring. So my white jeans will stay on their hanger year-long, commies be damned. And can we talk about these booties? I bought these beautiful bebes from Target a couple months ago for my engagement party, and I’ve gotten a lot more wear out of them than I really anticipated. They’re under $40 and surprisingly comfortable. I did sneak a little color into this look with the silk scarf, and I tucked the ends into my collar for a slightly more polished effect. You know what else was very polished of me? Eating in this outfit and leaving without one single stain. I mean yes, I did spill my coffee all over the table at Le Pain Quotidien. But I didn’t get any on myself.  That’s polished.












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